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The starting point of this safari is in Sumisid Lodge, Pangsama Beach, Moalboal. It's nice to arrive a few days prior to safari to do some diving around Moalboal. Famous for its spectacular macro and sardine storm dives.

The welcome briefing is organized on the evening before departure at Sumisid Lodge. This is also the meeting and departure location the next morning. From Moalboal we set of towards Apo Island. This island and its reefs have been rated in the top 10 dive sites of the world. Hundreds of species of fish and marine life can be found on the reefs surrounding this small island. The island is the diamond in the underwater-crown of the Visayas. 

Apo Island Beach Resort one of only two resorts on the island. Set up amongst lime stone cliffs is a small secluded white coral beach. The resort structures are practically on the beach. Basis but comfortable rooms will accommodate your for (2) two nights. Don't expect high end luxury here: it's all about living on a beach and diving. Fresh water is limited. The resort provides fresh water in large drums and you shower/pour water over yourself using a small dipper. A generator provides electricity until 1 am. After that it's the sea breeze and the sound of the waves. Overall the scenery and atmosphere of the place by far compensate for the lack of these modern day services. Your stay on this island is truly a memorable experience.

After two nights on day three, after lunch we move on to Siquijor. This Island is a haven for great macro. The reef scenery varies from nursing/breading grounds with all kinds of juvenile fish and creatures to steep walls with giant overhangs, steep slopes with beautiful soft corals and of course the night dive. The night diving is very good and the location is just in front of the resort. Don't miss out on this there is a lot of interesting night 'life' to see here. After Siquijor the boat sails on to Panglao Island and that is the end of the safari.

It would be a shame if you immediately travel on to a next destination. Panglao Island has a lot of good diving and beach to offer. The Oasis Beach & Dive Resort and Seaquest Dive Center are located right in the middle of Alona Beach. You should consider at least 3 more dive days here.



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Safari 2

Day to day itinerary

Day 1
4 hours by Bangka boat from Moalboal to apo Island make (2) two dives before check into the Apo Island Beach resort.

Day 2
Make (3) three dives at Apo Island

Day 3
Make (2) two more dives at Apo Island. After lunch travel by Bangka boat to Siquijor Island. Check into Coco Grove Beach resort. At sunset head out for (1) one more dive, a night dive.

Day 4
Make (3) three dives at Siquijor Island

Day 5
Make (2) two final dives at Siquijor then travel by Bangka boat to Alona Beach, Panglao Island. End of the safari. 

Most groups will decide to share a final group dinner on the white sand of Alona Beach after arrival. But this is optional and depends on the group. The tour guide will discuss this with you on the last night during the safari.


The Seaquest Dive Safari will only be sold as full charter
Please contact us for more information and the rates for full charter. 
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 2 nights Apo Island (Apo Island Beach Resort)
 2 nights Siquijor Island (Coco Grove Beach Resort)
 Fullboard (breakfast, lunch and dinner)
 13 dives (12 day dives and 1 night dive)
 Dives incl. tank/weight/air/guide and foreign tour guide
 Transportation by Bangka boat

- Individual dive equipment rent Php 800 per day
- There are no transfers arrangement included in the package
- Underwater torch: need or night dive but also convenient during day dive, rent Php 300 per dive
- We urge you to use a dive computer during this trip. Php 500 per dive     
- Dinner on the last night in Alona Beach (optional) Php 650 per person
- Airport taxes on departure from Cebu Php 750 (per person)
- Marine Park Sanctuary fees Php 1,350 (with an underwater camera additional Php 450 per day)

These Marine Park Sanctuary fees are government regulated fees and could be subject to sudden change without Seaquest being informed beforehand. People with underwater video photography cameras and video camera's need to take into consideration that there could be additional Marine Park fee charge for cameras. You will be informed about these charges on route and asked to pay the difference with the regular fees.

- Excess Luggage costs, all drinks, tips, personal trips or excursions and other personal expenses

- All days are on full board base (3 meals a day) excluding drinks. There are no drinks included in this full board package.
- Tip for the boat crew per guest: We suggest Php 300 per guest per day

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- It's advisable to be at least a semi-experienced diver with more or less 30 logged dives.
- It is also advisable to have proof of dive insurance for repatriation.
- It's advisable to have a (dive) medical check-up somewhere within the last 12 months

- Signing liability release form and certification card, logbook check before departure.
- Please make sure you can provide us with detailed info about your insurance at the first gathering in Sumisid Lodge

Please take note:
The exact itinerary as has been stated above is the preferred itinerary of our organization and with normal conditions that shall be the itinerary that will be followed. However taking the elements into consideration it could be that the Seaquest guide/organization needs to adapt to circumstances. It could occur that due to either conditions, mechanical failure and or other events that might occur during these kinds of trips of this nature. Our organization has the intention to full fill the trip as it has been booked however due to circumstances beyond our control it might be that dives are cancelled or alternative routes are followed. Decisions of this nature taken by our guides cannot be disputed by our guest. We have the experience, the knowledge and the contacts to be well informed to take the proper correct and safe decisions needed to insure the wellbeing of all our guest. Safety first! 

                                                   We hope to see you on this dive safari!!
                                          For more information or bookings please contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.