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The international airports in the Philippines are located in Manila, Clark, Cebu and Davao.
Cebu Mactan International Airport is centrally located and gives you the quickest approach to reach one of our destinations (Sumisid Lodge, Cebu or Oasis Resort, Bohol). 

(Ninoy Aquino International Airport)
The Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) Terminals 1, 2 and 3 are the premier gateways. They serve an enormous amount of flights every day to different countries in the world. Many airlines fly to Manila: Singapore Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Malaysian Airlines, Emirates, Qatar Airways, Lufthansa, China Eastern, Etihad Airways and many more. There is even a direct flight from Amsterdam to Manila with the KLM.
From Manila, there are several daily flights with different airlines to Cebu Mactan International Airport. You can take a flight with: Cebu Pacific Air, Philippines Airlines or Air Asia. Besides Cebu these airlines also offer daily direct flights to Tagbilaran Airport (Bohol). This connection is perfect if you would like to spent your vacation in Oasis Resort, Bohol.
Cebu (Cebu Mactan Internation Airport)
Cebu Mactan International airport is located on Mactan Island just 25 minutes from Cebu City. The airport is gradually serving an increasing number of airlines. The airport handles regular flights from Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Singapore as well as chartered flight from the United States. Besides that, there are also international flights coming in from Europe with Cathay Pacific, Singapore Airlines and the Emirates.
Domestic Airlines
As mention above there are several airlines who fly from Manila to Cebu and from Manila to Tagbilaran (Bohol). You can choose to fly with:

 Philippine Airlines  Cebu Pacific Air  Air Asia
 www.philippineairlines.com   www.cebupacificair.com   www.airasia.com 


Traveling from Island to Island
If you prefer traveling per boat, try the "slow boat" ships between Manila and Cebu/Tagbilaran. From Manila to Cebu will take you around 24 hours. You can book these boat trips online with different carriers.
In the Visayas region you can easily travel by fast ferries from island to island. Especially from Cebu City to Tagbilaran (Bohol) there are many trips per day. One of the many carriers; Ocean Jet offers 12 trips per day from and to Cebu. Seaquest can help you to book your ferry -tickets to one of the many islands in the Visayas. For more information about schedules and prices please click on the following link:  prices & schedules

Seaquest is more than happy to help you to arrange all your transfers from Cebu Airport/Cebu Pier or any other location to one of our destinations; Sumisid Lodge, Cebu or/and Oasis Resort, Bohol.  We can arrange all your ferry tickets and transfers by private car or mini-van. For more information about the rates for all our transfers please click on the following link:  transfer rates
We can arrange the following private transfers:

Cebu Airport - Cebu Pier v.v.
Cebu Airport - Sumisid Lodge, Moalboal v.v.
Cebu Airport - Malapascua (upon request)
Cebu Pier - Malapascua (upon request)
Cebu Pier - Sumisid Lodge, Moalboal v.v.
Tagbilaran Pier - Oasis Resort v.v.
All kind of ferry-tickets with different carriers 

We will only arrange transfers in combination with accommodation or a dive-package in Sumisid Lodge and/or Oasis Resort.

Upon arrival at the airport in Cebu City is getting a taxi. We advise you to take the metered taxi because they are cheaper than the private taxis waiting just outside of the arrival gate. Metered taxis are available at the departure area. To get there, cross the road just in front of the arrival terminal and walk up the ramp to the departure area. Look for the taxi stand there or just stop a white taxi if you see one.  Make sure the driver turns on the meter as you drive away.
Own transportation to Moalboal
If your heading for Moalboal you can take a rent-a-car or a taxi to Pangsama Beach, Moalboal.
The traveling time is about two and half hours. Another option is to take a taxi to the South Bus Terminal where you can get the local public bus to Moalboal. The most comfortable busses are the bright yellow Ceres Bus Liner. Ceres Bus Liner has air conditioned bus going to Moalboal and leaves every 30 minutes. The drive last about two and half hours. Upon arriving in Moalboal you’ll have to take a tricycle for the last 3 kilometers to Pangsama Beach. 

Own transportation to Bohol
To reach Alona Beach (Oasis Resort) from Cebu you have to island hop, from Cebu Island to the island of Bohol. There are a number of fast ferry boat operators (Ocean Jet, Supercat & 2GO travel) running daily schedules to and from Cebu. The trip takes about 2 hours. After docking in Tagbilaran Pier (Bohol) a 30-minute car drive will get you to the white sands of Alona Beach. Want to go local style? Bargain with the drivers for a cheap but authentic tricycle ride.

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