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SeaQuest Dive Center started up in 1981. Initially starting with just a single dive center in Moalboal, there are now two dive centers in the Central Visayas region of the Philippines. SeaQuest Dive center opened up shops at 2 well-known dive hot spots that are conveniently located and can be combined in one holiday.

Organizing daily scuba-diving excursions to some of the best reefs in the country and
some would say in the Asian Pacific region. The company takes much pride in their reputation of being known as a friendly, professional, well-organized dive operator with excellent facilities and emphasis on safety.

With a PADI 5 star accreditation, good teaching facilities and knowledgeable instructors SeaQuest Dive Centers
offers the complete range of PADI courses for beginners and kids up to qualified PADI Assistant Instructor.

Affiliated with comfortable resorts, hotels, reliable transfer and tour companies SeaQuest Dive Centers
offers complete holiday packages. Years of experience in the business, an extended network and
many long term employees add on to the quality of their service.The possibility to visit multiple well-known
dive locations all in one holidays is what makes the Philippines such an incredible destination. Different Islands, different culture,
different diving and different experiences.Get more out of your diving holiday by visiting more than one location.
The two dive centers can conveniently be combined. SeaQuest can organize it all for you.
And economically priced dive packages (the more you buy the cheaper it gets) can be bought at ahead and used up at the two locations.

A really special way to make a diving holiday is to join a SeaQuest Safari! Read all about on this website.

Come and enjoy; Our SeaQuest Dive Centers takes care of you!

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Our SeaQuest Dive Centers are PADI 5 star training center. Offering educational and fun PADI courses from beginner to PADI dive Assistant Instructor. Introduction dives are organized daily. 2 comfortable Big Bangka’s (local outrigger boats) are available to do day trips. 

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